College Stadium Review: Husky Stadium

Husky Stadium is home to the Pac-12’s University of Washington Huskies. Although well aged, this is a great venue to watch a football game in one the nation’s most prolific conferences. That stadium itself first opened in 1920 and currently has a seating capacity of 72,500.  The Cascade Mountains and Mt. Rainier are visible in certain areas of the stadium. A renovated Husky Stadium has fans excited to see Washington football and the changes at the stadium. Washington football has been played at Husky Stadium since 1920. In late 2011, the Huskies began a $250 million dollar renovation to add more seating, a bigger scoreboard, and other fan amenities. The stadium reopened in 2013 and fans enjoy better amenities and better seating choices. Washington football began play in 1889 and has a rich tradition of football excellence. The Huskies have won 15 Pac-12 titles and two national championships. Huskies fans have had a lot to cheer about over the years. Their 1991 team is considered one of the better teams in college football history. Since the early 2000’s, Huskies fans haven’t had much to cheer about but are hopeful that they can relive the glory days again.

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The atmosphere at Husky Stadium is unique. Lake Washington can be seen from the upper deck. Boats, yachts, and kayaks can be seen at the edge of the lake. In the distance, the Seattle skyline can be seen from the upper deck. The Space Needle is an interesting looking building and fun to look at it and the skyline during breaks on the field.There is not a bad seat to be had in the lower bowl. Most seats there are close to the action. The new and expanded east end zone section has spacious seating and amenities close by including the Zone. Seats in the upper bowl are good for blocking out the sun at times and have a good vantage point. Both upper decks have a roof on them that blocks the sun and keeps the crowd noise from leaving the stadium. The seating pitch is good and you won’t have any trouble looking over the person in front of you. There is plenty of legroom as well. The one downside to the upper bowl seats is the fact that they are steep. Looking at the seating configuration from ground level, the upper deck seating area is a sight to be seen.

The fans here are among the loudest in college football. The slanted design of the seating areas along the sidelines keeps the noise in the stadium. Fans at Husky Stadium seem into the game at all times and cheer or get loud at the appropriate times. When the opposition has the ball on a third down, it is deafening inside. At a game in 1992, Huskies fans set a record for cheering at 130+ decibels. These levels wreak havoc on the opposition and even cause fans to cover their ears at times. The wave originated from Husky Stadium and is seen quite often during the game. The chant of “Go Huskies” is done by one area of the stadium yelling GO!! And the other side responding with HUSKIES!!!! Outside of these two things, there isn’t much else that’s unique here. One point worth mentioning, the fans were in their seats at game time and the seating areas were full at that time. Most places see fans and students amble in midway through the first quarter after an extended tailgating session. If you want to see a game in one of the Power House conferences, then take a trip a trip to Seattle and visit Husky Stadium. You will have a great experience in one of America’s great cities.

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