Concert Bucket List: Make The Front Row Your Home

The front row—the closest one can possibly get to a concert without playing an instrument. For many, it’s the promised land; for others, a happy coincidence. Either way, it’s an experience worth checking off your concert bucket list. Here’s how to do it…

Concert Bucket List: Own The Front Row

Concert-goers generally find a comfort zone in terms of distance from the stage—some feel at home in the middle, arms-crossed, head bobbing lightly; others crane their necks from the back, while many enjoy the show from the bar, viewing the action through the foggy lens of a pint glass.

Whatever your fancy, taking in a show from against the rail trumps them all. You know that strange dancing scrum that forms in front of a crowd, as everyone else stands still? That could be you! The problem is, the admission fee for this section is dedication (at least at a GA show). So, if only once, muster up the drive and cross this one off the bucket list in thick red ink.

Pro Tip: Arrive at the venue early. This doesn’t involve pitching a tent outside the night before, but perhaps between the time when the doors open and the first opener comes on. People usually mill around awkwardly during this period, creating the perfect opportunity to establish a spot in the front.


Caution: Prepare for your senses to be assaulted. Your ears will be ringing the next day, you’ll still feel the bass in your chest, and quite possibly, you’ll need to gather up your face from a puddle on the floor after it melts off. Don’t worry, it’s worth it.

concert bucket list

Just think: this could be you…

Pro Tip: Go with a group. At least one of you will have to camp out and save your spot, as others go off to gather supplies (beer). As the night progresses, your real estate becomes increasingly valuable, so fight off the vultures that push to the front when the band finally comes on.

Warning: Hopefully, you can cope with the reality of not urinating for a few hours. Otherwise, there are two options and neither are pretty:

1. Find a bottle. Insert junk. (Sorry, ladies).
2. Take that sad, lonely walk to the bathroom. You may never find your way back.

Share this knowledge and go forth, live music thrill-seekers; the road to glory awaits.

Article by Nicolas White
Feature photo courtesy of Erika Reinsel

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