Concert Review: Dum Dum Girls Mix Beauty and Sadness at The Roxy in LA

I haven’t been an ardent fan of “girl bands” in the past, but Dum Dum Girls eradicate all stereotypes with the notion that girls can’t rock as well as their male counterparts. After sampling all of their musical work, I fell in love with their music, which sounds like 80s synth-pop, with a little bit of psychedelic rock mixed in, all with dark, gothic undertones. After seeing them perform live at The Roxy in Los Angeles, they wowed with their ability to sound almost identical to their recordings live – a true feat in today’s music industry.

Dum Dum Girls at The Roxy 

SISU opened for the Girls, and had a very similar, yet slightly less developed, sound.  This may very well be due to the fact that SISU is fronted by Sandra Vu, the drummer for the Dum Dum Girls, and also includes bandmate Jules Medeiros. I enjoyed their set, as it portrayed how these musicians are so multi-faceted in terms of talent – Sandra actually picked up a flute at some point during the performance.

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Dum Dum Girls opened with “Mine Tonight,” a suitable song to set the tone of the night. In addition to their music, their signature look of black, vintage outfits with dark red lipstick complements their sultry, vixen-like sound. The stage also had a picturesque, lit up heart in the background, making for the perfect marriage of femininity and a real ability to make beautiful art. Dee Dee, the frontwoman and spear-header of the project, portrayed her emotional ties to the lyrics and the music with soulful singing and hearty vocals.

The songs varied between upbeat and dour, like “He Gets Me High,” and their concluding song, the mesmerizing “Coming Down.” The last song had the crowd on the verge of tears as Dee Dee murmured into the mic “If you ever had a real heart / I don’t think you’d know where to start.” “Coming Down” is so beautifully written and composed; it encompasses the overall Dum Dum Girls sound of solemn beauty.

dum dum girls live concert

Photo Credit: Brandon Winters

The Dum Dum Girls are exceptional performers and produce an amazing sonic quality when seen live. At the famous and intimate Roxy, we couldn’t have asked for a better, more musically fulfilling night.

Article by Pauline Pechakjian

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