From The Rumor Mill: Daft Punk To Tour This Summer?

Daft Punk Possible Summer Tour

Daft Punk’s last official tour was the Pyramid Tour in 2006

Despite the fluttering rumors that have been floating around, Daft Punk will not be performing at the base of the Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming for a crowd of 50,000 people. A few days ag0, we saw reports of a request by the band to perform at the National Park, which also serves as a sacred site for 24 different Native American tribes. However, Park Service spokesman Reed Robinson, who stated that the park was not going through with the request, also said that the duo and their agency “appeared to be scouting locations across the world for a concert or multiple concerts to be held around the summer.”

Will Daft Punk tour for the first time in years this Summer?

Now here’s where things get a little iffy. Turns out the request was made  by ICM, a talent agency that doesn’t even represent the electronic duo. Daft Punk’s publicist came out to say they are represented by CCM. If that’s the case, then what was Reed Robinson talking about? And furthermore, what was ICM trying to accomplish? We can only hope that there’s even a glimmer of truth in these rumors – that Daft Punk will finally take the stage again for a full performance and maybe even a full tour. Until then, we’ll have to settle for the little things, like Daft Punk uploading their latest album, Random Access Memories, in its entirety on the official Daft Punk Youtube page.

Feel free to let your imagination run wild by watching this footage from their last tour…

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Article by Arpan Somani

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