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The Dallas Cowboys have the look of a team ready to achieve great things. They play their home games in a magnificent stadium. They have a Pro Bowl starting quarterback, Tony Romo and a superstar wide receiver, Dez Bryant. And their defense may be difficult to contain.
Surprisingly, America’s Team has the ninth easiest schedule, based on last year’s final results, of any team in the National Football League (NFL).
The squads on the Cowboys schedule finished with a collective Winning Percentage in 2014 of only .467. Now, while it is certainly true that bad teams can get much better in one season, the schedule facing Dallas does seem to be extremely favorable.
However, the teams they play in their own division, which is the Eastern Division of the National Football Conference (NFC), may all  be very competitive, even difficult to beat.
Nevertheless, the games featuring these teams (there are six of them) have to be played. So the Cowboys will face off against the rival New York Giants, at home, in the season’s opening game on September 13th. The totally-revamped Philadelphia Eagles will visit Dallas on November 8th while the Washington Redskins nd Cowboys will close out the regular season in “Big D” on January 3, 2016.
There will be other tough home games for America’s Team. The Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots are planning to visit, as is the team the Patriots beat, the Seattle Seahawks. The New York Jets, a team that figures to have a top-tier defense will be flying to Dallas, as well.
Road games are likely to present a challenge , primarily because many of them are scheduled to be played against top teams. For example, the Cowboys will visit the divisional rival Eagles on September 20th, the offensively-minded New York Giants on October 25th and Washington’s Redskins in December on the fifth day of the month.

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Other road games clearly offer no relief because Dallas has to go to New Orleans to take on the Saints, to Buffalo where Rex Ryan’s Bills will throw a tough defense against Tony Romo, to Miami and to a team with a chance to play in the Super Bowl, the Green Bay Packers.
Most football analysts feel certain that the Cowboys will win the NFC’s Eastern Division title, even though the high-flying Giants and higher-flying Eagles stand in the way. However, if the Cowboys do get past those teams, they are likely to be a dangerous playoff opponent for any team they meet.
Their offense is first-rate, their defense is rock-solid and, to a man, this team is hungry for glory. Quarterback Tony Romo is now in his mid-30s so the window for success with the current roster may be starting to close ever so slightly.
Opportunities don’t last forever. For the Dallas Cowboys, America’s team, the time to succeed is in 2015. Time will tell if they can reach the finish line.
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