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The Detroit Tigers began this season with great expectations. Team management and baseball analysts believed the squad from the Motor City was armed and ready to compete for the top spot in the American League Central Division and a “ticket” to the playoffs.

But things have not worked out as planned. Ace starting pitcher Justin Verlander has not performed to his skill level and the same is true for many other big name players on this team.

As a result, the Tigers find themselves in third place in their division with a 50-52 won-loss record. They are eleven-and-one-half games behind the first place Kansas City Royals.

With just sixty games remaining on the Detroit Tigers Schedule, there is little chance for this proud team to win divisional honors. And they know it. In fact, the Tigers General Manager has begun trading veterans for top prospects. David Price, a star pitcher, will now be hurling for the Toronto Blue Jays and the team from Detroit will begin developing three new pitching prospects.

And while postseason play appears to be improbable this season, the Detroit Tigers Schedule has them playing squads that have a real chance to make the playoffs. The Tigers, for their part, can – and will – play the role of spoilers.

The role of spoiler can begin almost immediately. That’s because the Detroit Tigers Schedule has them hosting the first place Kansas City Royals at Comerica Park this weekend for three big games.

The Motor City Squad will play Kansas City three more times on August 10 – August 12. These games will not be played at Comerica Park, but instead will take place at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City.

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There are more opportunities for the Tigers to ruin the dreams of teams hoping to participate in the postseason. Detroit will travel to Houston on August 14th, according to the Detroit Tigers Schedule, to do battle with the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. The Astros currently hold down the top spot in the American League Western Division, but are only two games in front of the Los Angeles Angels.

That makes the games important. The Tigers can do some damage by winning two, or all three, of the games they play against the team from southern Texas.

But it is the divisional games that seem to matter most to the Motor City men. The Detroit Tigers Schedule pits them against such foes as the Minnesota Twins (currently in second place) on September 25 through September 27. These games will be played in Detroit at Comerica Park. They are games that may be critically important to the visitors.

Plus, games against the fourth place White Sox, a team just behind the Tigers in the standings, make it easy to understand why the Tigers and their loyal fans still believe there is a lot to play for, especially at Comerica Park.

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