‘Disclosure’ takes Central Park SummerStage by Storm

Disclosure at SummerStage III

Disclosure At Summer Stage: Photo Credit Chelsea Mae Hassman

I’ve heard the term “blowing up” used many times before; it means so many different things in the music world. When someone told me that Disclosure were “blowing up” (with my definition roughly translating to “a band on the cusp of breaking through to the mainstream”), I was completely floored to attend my first Disclosure show at Central Park SummerStage last week.

Disclosure at SummerStage

Photo Credit Chelsea Mae Hassman

My friends, Disclosure aren’t blowing up…they have arrived. While their sound is hauntingly reminiscent of early ‘90’s dance music, their live show and pop hooks are a force to be reckoned with. British brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, respectively and shockingly 22 and 19 years of age, are ruling the dance scene right now. Each sibling knows their strong suit; one plays a heavily affected bass, while the other owns his electronic drum kit. One sings while the other holds down the samples and beautifully timed percussive accents, yet most importantly, both are masters at working together.

Disclosure at SummerStage II

Photo Credit Chelsea Mae Hassman

The real story here is not of the artist’s credibility, but of their eligibility to perform in the venues that suit them best as they are “blowing up.” In the U.S., artists under the age of 21 are unable to perform in a lot of clubs and bars…especially the kind of clubs where live shows like Disclosure would kill. That’s how these young gents came to be booked at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park’s live concert series. N.Y. clubs are especially weary to book artists under the age of 21 as the liability is too large, especially considering who their fan-base might be. However, I can guarantee you right now their fan base isn’t just a couple of tweens covered in glow-in-the-dark paint. These bros appeal to each and every kind of electronica fan out there. If you haven’t heard of Disclosure, check ‘em out. Right after that, pray you get to see them before they really “blow up.”

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Article By Mark Ayesh

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