Edward Sharpe Bring ‘Good Vibes’ to Longwood Gardens

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros played to a sold out crowd at quite possibly the most fitting venue for them—Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, a sprawling oasis lined with neatly trimmed hedges, towering trees, and surging fountains. While last week’s show brought out heavy rains, nothing could stop the crowd, who came prepared with ponchos and umbrellas. However, the sunshine gods were in alignment and the rest of the night was beautiful amidst the trees and bright lights.

Throughout the concert, the crowd shared the energy and joy from the stage – specifically that shared between lead singers Alex Ebert and Jade Castrinos. Despite playing a lot of lesser-known songs, fans sang along to every word.

At one point, a fan held up a handmade “thank you” sign and called out to Alex. He quickly ran to the front of the stage and asked for the sign, then held it up for everyone to see, repeatedly saying “the thanks belonged to all the fans.”

Alex wasted no time before jumping into the crowd to dance and sing along with fans, even pulling a few aside to sing in the microphone. After singing, one fan told Alex she named her dog after one of their songs, which left him with a huge smile on his face as he made his way back on stage.

The band took a quick break to recognize band member Mitchell Yoshida’s birthday, and asked the crowd to do something a little different. Instead of singing the same old “Happy Birthday,” he asked fans to do the Hokey Pokey. Even in the cramped venue, every fan appeared to put their left foot in and right foot out.

Towards the end of the evening, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros played their hit “Home” and asked if anyone wanted to share a story. One man shared that he and his wife recently had a baby and how nothing brought them more joy than their music. They clearly got a kick out of the ongoing fan interaction.

Alex called out asking if the band had time for a few more songs, but unfortunately the venue indicated there was only time for one. Before ending with “40 Day Dream,” Alex repeatedly apologized saying they “wanted to play more,” and even though the crowd didn’t want the night to end, everyone left with a huge smile on their face. As the crowd filed out through the gardens, effusive descriptions of the amazing show echoed over the murmuring and the music still playing in our heads.

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Article by Erika Reinsel

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