Electric Daisy Carnival 2015: The Ultimate Guide

Each year, Electric Daisy Carnival draws hundreds of thousands of fans from across the world to Las Vegas for a three-day festival of lights, colors, and dance music. In the past few years, it’s quickly become one of the largest festivals in the world in the world, but Electric Daisy Carnival didn’t start out that way. After making its name as a series of warehouse raves in ’90s Los Angeles, Electric Daisy Carnival launched as a festival in 1997, selling some 5,000 tickets. That number may have seemed like a big deal at the time, but as dance culture exploded in the 2000s, so did Electric Daisy Carnival.

In 2011, Electric Daisy Carnival left Southern California behind for Las Vegas, and attendance skyrocketed to 230,000 fans. Since then, attendance has nearly doubled as Insomniac reports 400,000 tickets sold for the 2014 festival. This year, Electric Daisy Carnival is bigger than ever, with 230 artists set to perform from June 19-21. As hundreds of thousands of fans are set to descend on Las Vegas this weekend, check out the ultimate guide to this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival.

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