Rukkus Presents: 4 Questions with Everest Cale

Technically, Everest Cale is a Brooklyn indie-rock band. That distinction either conjures up images of Ramones-inspired garage-punk or synth-driven indie-pop. Neither of these descriptions fit the guitar-driven, whiskey-soaked southern rock of Everest Cale. The band’s frontman, Brett Treacy, packs a wallop of raw emotion in his vocals, and the musical compositions match that intensity.

Everest Cale will be part of the first “Rukkus Presents” concert this Saturday, March 22, at Cameo Gallery. We had a chance to chat with Brett Treacy ahead of the show. Hit the jump to learn a little more about Everest Cale.

Get Familiar With Everest Cale

1. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music?

BT: My barber asked me the same question recently. I told him it was guitar based rock’n roll. He said, ‘You mean you don’t have a laptop on stage?’ No, but we’ve got a tambourine.

2. List four adjectives that best describe your live show:

BT: Foot-Stomper. Momma-Slapper. Back-Alley-Good-Time. Funeral.

3. If you could tour with any band right now, who would it be? Why?

BT: I’d have to go with The Flaming Lips. I want to get inside their giant hamster ball.

4. What is your musical guilty pleasure?

BT: Heart – “Barracuda”


Join us and see Everest Cale live this Saturday! Click the link for more information on the show at Cameo Gallery.

Discounted tickets are available through the Rukkus app for only $8!

Article by Jason Schellhardt 

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