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Foxes (Louisa Rose Allen) is a doe-eyed beauty with a hipster aesthetic whose favorite things include an affinity for eating cake and playing dress-up. The British singer is absolutely irresistible and you can’t help but smile when she performs. Her music is a catchy mix between electronic and pop that makes you forget your worries for at least 3 minutes as a song plays.

Foxes Arrives on the Electronic Music Radar

Foxes’ vocal style is reflective of synth-pop queen Marina and The Diamonds, in fact, they toured together in 2012 along with Icona Pop. As if that exposure wasn’t enough, in early 2013, Music producer and DJ Zedd assisted in her breakthrough, as she sang vocals on the hit “Clarity”—the song came in at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Foxes is surrounded by support from the EDM world, as her most popular single, “Youth,” was remixed by Adventure Club (our former Artist to Watch).

This year, Allen was signed to RCA with plans to release her debut full-length album, Glorious, which is expected early in 2014. A simple Youtube search reveals that nearly all her singles have over 1 million views each; Foxes is rising at an amazing speed considering she didn’t even have a full EP when she was signed this year. She is bound to blow up in 2014.

Her music features smoky vocals with the ability to hit the high notes; it’s an of-the-moment mix of dancey and poppy—the perfect combo for high-energy movement. Foxes reproduces her sound live with vocal playbacks and subtle backups that intensify the climax of the song, adding to her explosive momentum. The catchy electro-pop is often combined with instruments, such as piano and drums, that allow for an active live show. She even instructs her audience to dance with her (not that they need much convincing).

Louisa Rose Allen is a goddess on stage; you can see her get lost in her own music and it makes you want to jump-around with her. She radiates positive energy and is always “all smiles.” Foxes owns the stage and moves with grace, as her vocals explode with built-up tension. There is no doubt she will expand out of the electro-pop world and into Top 40 charts, if she deems this as a goal, of course. She’s continuing her tour in the UK early next year.

At first glance, Foxes is just a youthful girl looking for beauty in the world through her music. She grabs the attention of any listener, as she pulls influence from several genres including pop, electronic, and the modern definition of EDM, making her a well-rounded female vocalist; it looks like she can have her cake and eat it too.

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Article by Jess Keller

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