Watch: You Knew This Was Coming… Future Islands Return to Late Night TV

Over the past few weeks, many music blogs have spilled a lot of pixelated ink over Future Islands (ourselves included). The onslaught of coverage stemmed from the combination of a fantastic new album, killer dance moves, and a viral Letterman performance, the latter of which carried into last night’s appearance on¬†Kimmel. Despite an 11-year run as a band, Future Islands are finally getting noticed.

Future Islands Perform on Kimmel

Frontman Samuel T. Herring had some new moves ready for the national spotlight, including some (ahem) suggestive shimmying that would make Miley Cyrus jealous.

Full disclosure: I watch a lot of recorded live performances, and often find myself scrolling to a different tab for most because they fail to reproduce the energy of live music; this band doesn’t lose anything in digital translation. See for yourself, as Future Islands play the super-catchy “Doves” and “Spirit” from their new record.



Article by Nicolas White

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