Gigawatts Music Festival 2014 – Presented by Rukkus

We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered up with our friends at 1.21 Gigawatts to present this year’s annual Gigawatts Music Festival! In its second year, Brooklyn’s premier indie music fest will feature 50+ acts across 3 venues from July 17-20. The weekend includes sets from Frankie Cosmos, Infinity Shred, Team Spirit, Ski Lodge, Honduras, and the recently reunited Fiasco. See the full lineup, read our must-see sets, and grab tickets now, exclusively at Rukkus.

Gigawatts Festival 2014 Preview

1.21 Gigawatts is a Brooklyn-based DIY music, fashion, and culture magazine. To celebrate the two-year anniversary of the publication, The Gigawatts Festival expands from two days, to an all-weekend blowout at Radio Bushwick, Hot 97.4, and a Secret House Show (shhh). Expect four days of rocking out, courtesy of some seriously promising Brooklyn upstarts.

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Single-day passes now available. Here’s the day-by-day schedule.

Have a look at the full lineup below, and get familiar with some of the bands we’re most looking forward to.

Must-See Sets:

Frankie Cosmos

The delicate coo of Frankie Cosmos can be heard throughout Brooklyn on a given night. The singer-songwriter is a strikingly honest lyricist with a presence that spurs more and more curiosity with each gentle flick of her acoustic guitar. Her voice draws comparisons to Angel Olsen, and she possesses that same spellbinding quality. See for youself:

Team Spirit

The sweaty, garage rock of Team Spirit is sure to fill a room with energy as soon as they take the stage. Frontman Ayad Al Adhamy got started producing for Passion Pit, but his new project exchanges jaunty synths for shredding guitars and fuzzy vocals. We can’t wait to catch this set.

Ski Lodge

These guys have a vibe that would sound right at home nestled between The Smiths and The Cure, yet at the same time, Ski Lodge maintains a very modern feel. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a summer party, and Ski Lodge’s set will set the tone at Gigawatts.


Slothrust may win the award for “most awesome band name” on the lineup (right behind Michael Jordyn and Greg). This band has a HEAVY sound with a darkness hiding just beneath the surface; it’s hard not to dive in. Take note: there will be moshing.

Marvin Berry & The New Sound

Let’s keep the Back to the Future references going: Marvin Berry & The New Sound have a party-friendly sound that we can’t wait to dance to under the influence of 7 beers on a balmy July day. I know what you’re thinking—that sounds awfully specific… Have a listen and see if you agree.

Slonk Donkerson

Slonk are veterans of the Brooklyn DIY scene. They’re starting to gain momentum with nostalgia-infused records that flaunt early ’90s influences with every washed-out guitar and yelp from lead singer, Dylan Vandenhoeck. Get ready for a good time.

Full Lineup:

gigawatts 2014

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Article by Nicolas White

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