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Gold Fields

Gold Fields Took Time to Polish Their Sound; Now, They’re Ready

Many notable bands have hailed from “down under” – AC/DC, INXS, The Vines, Tame Impala – but there’s a new name in town about to join the list. Gold Fields is the story of five guys from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Every band has gone through the “tough road to success,” but Gold Fields has put a new spin to that story.

Formed in 2010, Gold Fields is made up of vocalist Mark Robert Fuller, guitarist Vin Andanar, bassist Luke Peldys, keyboardist Rob Clifton, and drummer Ryan D’Sylva. Even though it may not feel like a debut to the guys, they recently released Black Sun. They would probably agree with the expression “third time’s a charm,” taking three tries before finally completing the album.

Their journey started about three years ago, when they began writing and recording, before eventually producing a six-song demo. With the help of producer Scott Horscroft, they refined their EP, gaining exposure and playing various festivals and small venues. In 2011, they headed to Los Angeles to write with Mickey Petralia (Flight of the Conchords, Beck) for six weeks, working non-stop while once again trying to perfect their style.

Afterwards, they headed back to Australia, where they continued to write and record with manager Scott Horscroft. To the average person, it would seem like they were done, right? Not exactly. Despite the buzz generating around the band after their self-titled EP, Gold Fields felt what they had did not meet their expectations to make a full-length album. Before long, they were back at it, continuing to write and record in their own makeshift studio. Through much trial and error, they finally had what they strived to put out all along, and here we are with Black Sun.

The LP is reminiscent of popular 80s music, with each song full of pop-inspired beats and dynamic percussion – case in point, their debut single, “Treehouse.” Other standout tracks include “Moves” and “The Woods.” Gold Fields has stated they made it a priority to have every song sound different. While their songs can be all classified as the same genre, each song brings its own identity, as Gold Fields worked so hard to prove.

I remember catching these guys opening for Capital Cities a few months back.  At the time, I had never heard of them, but I was blown away. You usually don’t leave a concert raving about the opener, but that is exactly what I did. There was something about their performance – this passion and explosiveness I could not get over. Not to mention, they did an amazing cover of “Born Slippy” (Trainspotting fans, you’ll know this).

They perform with two full drum kits, and it amplifies their sound in such a way that you need to see it live to fully grasp it. Matched with Fuller’s vocals, backing guitar riffs, and deep bass, they are guaranteed to amplify the energy in any venue.

In their short history, Gold Fields has proved the dedication and drive needed to become a household name in the music business. They already have quite an impressive resume – opening for such bands as Crystal Castles, Metric, and Capital Cities – and are now in the midst of their own headlining tour.

Every band has their aesthetic, and Gold Fields’ is passion. They have spent years perfecting their sound – dance-invoking rhythms, vibrant percussion, and lyrical hooks that will demand the listener’s attention. Their journey is only just beginning, so keep an attentive eye on our Artist to Watch.

Don’t miss Gold Fields next time they’re in town!

Article by Erika Reinsel

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