What We Learned from the Governor’s Ball Reddit AMA

Last year's Governors Ball was a muddy extravaganza

Last year’s Governors Ball was a muddy extravaganza

The promoters and producers of Governors Ball 2014 took to the internets yesterday to answer all your aching questions about the upcoming New York City music festival. During a Reddit AMA (for you noobs AMA = Ask Me Anything), users were able to ask anything and everything regarding the festival, lineups, and organization process with replies from Reddit user TeamGovBall. Here’s what they had to say:

More Details Released on NYC’s Governor’s Ball in NYC

Was it difficult to have the festival at Randall’s Island again, considering the deaths at Electric Zoo last September? Was there any special requests from the city so that something like this wouldn’t happen again?

The tragic events that occurred at Electric Zoo have lead to new protocols and additional oversight from the City of NYC and the Parks department. More city agencies (and more folks from each agency) are involved in our planning meetings, and we are required to do many additional things, mostly safety related. That being said, the city has been a pleasure to deal with and they have been very professional and practical about things. Safety is their number 1 priority, and we feel the same way, so our interests are aligned there.

What did you think last year when you first heard about the possibility of the storm? Have you made any changes this year in case of a similar situation?

When we first heard about Tropical Storm Andrea it was 8 days out from the first day of the fest. By that time we have a Meterologist on call 24/7 to give us updates on the storms track, it’s potential impact, etc. and we used that data to prep the site as much as we could for the coming rain. Unfortunately everything we did to prep the grounds was entirely negated by the massive amounts of rain we received. It was the most rainfall NYC has gotten in a 36 hour period EVER. That being said, during our repairs we did add in a new drainage line to help deal with rainfall, and we have had many convos with all city departments about how to address expected rainfall in the safest and best way possible. We have a new Weather plan which the City of NY have helped with, and we are better suited to deal with rain in 2014. That being said, and just being totally honest here, if we get 6 inches of rain in 36 hours again it will be another crazy year. However, let’s think positive – it’s gonna be beautiful and sunny and awesome!

First of all, congrats on the amazing lineup! One of the best surprises for me was The Strokes. What kind of black magic did you use to get them out of hibernation?

We have tried to book The Strokes every single year that Gov Ball has existed. They essentially have had an open invite to play when they wanted. We got a call from their agent at the very last minute, saying that they wanted to reunite and play at the festival. Dream come true for us. We’re New York City kids, and they are the greatest NYC rock band of our generation. BOOM

I noticed there are a lot of acts on the line up this year that have collaborated on tracks, such as: OutKast and Killer Mike (Run the Jewels), Disclosure and AlunaGeorge, Chance the Rapper and James Blake. Any specific plans to bring any of these collaborations live at the festival?

For sure. But we don’t want to ruin any secrets 😉

What made you choose Eventbrite for your ticketing? How does a ticketing service help/hurt the Festival?

We chose EventBrite because of the people who work there and the strength of their technology and ticketing platform. Their on-site operations person is an old friend of ours and incredibly smart and we knew we could trust ticketing on-site if it was in her hands. Additionally their sales guy was also an old friend of ours and he bent over backwards to get us a deal we thought was most fair. Lastly, and arguable most importantly, their technology/ticketing system and the data you can pull from ticket purchases was unsurpassed by any other ticketing company we talked with. If you have good people you can trust, you’re in good shape, and if you have a platform that can get you data that can help understand your consumers, you’re in fantastic shape.

Still curious? Check the rest of the AMA on Reddit. And peep the lineup here!

Article by Arpan Somani 

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