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The Green Bay Packers, the team that defines the city in which they play their home games, may be a team on a mission. They have the National Football League’s top quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, and a roster that has the squad and its fans thinking “Super Bowl.”
It could happen even though this team with the great history is facing a “killer” schedule. Start with the fact that Green Bay is in the NFC North, a division that is also home to the Detroit Lions, the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears.
All four teams play one another in home-and-home games that generally assure at least a couple of losses for every squad.
While it is true that the Packers are the class of this division, road games will not be easy to win. So, when the Packers travel to Chicago on September 13th, the season opener for both teams, the visitors could find that the Bears are a tougher opponent than anticipated. The same could be true when Green Bay visits Minnesota on November 22nd.
And when the Wisconsin squad meets the Lions in a nationally-televised Thursday night game on December 3rd, it may find a playoff-bound team ready to derail its postseason hopes.

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Of course, the road offers more risks to the Packers. This will be especially true when they encounter such foes as the Kansas City Chiefs in a Monday night game on September 28th and Denver’s Broncos in a Thursday night game on November 1st.
Green Bay can also expect visits from its divisional foes. Detroit will travel to Wisconsin for a game on November 15th while Chicago will be the visitor for a Thursday night contest on November 26th. Minnesota will close out the regular season on January 3rd when it figures to be brutally cold for both teams.
There will be other tough games for the Packers. The Seattle Seahawks will engage the home team in a rough Thursday night contest on September 20th while the Chiefs, make that the Kansas City Chiefs, will take on Aaron Rodgers and his teammates in a Monday night battle on September 28th.
The Packers will also entertain such difficult teams as San Diego’s Chargers the Rams of St. Louis and America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys.
It’s the kind of schedule fit for a team with Super Bowl aspirations. In fact, the winning percentage of Green Bay’s opponents topped off at .529 in 2014. It is the fourteenth toughest schedule in the upcoming season.
Rugged and talented teams get to perform against top competition. That is what awaits this year’s Green Bay Packers. With Aaron Rodgers calling signals, Wisconsin’s entry in the National Football League (NFL) has a solid chance to go “all the way.

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