Band Throwdown: Haim vs. Los Campesinos!


Fights between musicians are a time honored tradition in the music industry. These beefs aren’t limited to one genre – from Jay Z and Nas, to John Lennon and Bob Dylan, Kanye West and Taylor Swift – if there’s a problem, we’ll know. Well, it looks like we can add indie pop and 140-character twitter wars to this tradition.

Band Throwdown: Haim vs. Los Campesinos! Who has the Upper-Hand?

Last week, both Haim and Los Campesinos! played gigs across the street from each other in Manchester, England. Haim, relative newcomers to the indie world, played at the Ritz with a 1,500 person capacity, while Los Campesinos!, who have been making the rounds since 2006, played at the Gorilla with a 700 capacity. Ouch.

Gareth Paisley, lead singer of the six-piece ensemble, felt that sting and tweeted a not-so-friendly photo, with a gesture not to be mistaken for a peace sign (the British equivalent of “flipping the bird”), towards the Ritz venue. The subtweet (tweeting without mentioning with an @) read, “Playing a gig across the road from a Haim gig tonight.”

The sisters of Haim didn’t take the dig sitting down and returned the gesture, backed by their sold out crowd. You can watch Este Haim, the eldest of the sisters, who is clearly upset, entice the crowd into making the gesture, which then sparked a series of tweets from David and one final tweet from Este.

With all this Twitter beef, it’s only natural for us here at Rukkus to bring you our next “Band Throwdown.” Who has the upper hand?

Both bands released albums this year – Los Campesinos! released their fifth album No Blues this past October peaking at #39 on the U.K. charts but it failed to chart in the U.S. On the other hand, Haim released their debut album Days Are Gone in September and peaked at #6 and #1 in the U.S. and U.K, respectively.

Haim’s debut made the band one of the most buzz-worthy artists of the year earning them the BBC Sound of 2013 award, a BBC poll conducted by music critics and industry figures to find the most promising new music talent. Days Are Gone was well received by critics and listed on many “best of” roundups for the year.

This isn’t to say that Los Campesinos! didn’t release their own critically acclaimed album with Pitchfork stating, “LC! have never sounded so muscular or crafted melodies as instantly memorable.” However, No Blues failed to impress in the same way Days Are Gone has done this year.

But, we shouldn’t ignore the previous work of LC!, which have fared well over the years and made the group one of the most beloved indie bands around. It’s worth mentioning the support fans gave David when Haim fans were allegedly harassing him outside the Gorilla venue, creating the hashtag #teamgrthdvd.

If the allegations of harassment are true, then Haim’s fans prove to be just as passionate. The battle of fans can only be logically settled by the number of likes each band has on their Facebook page (because why not?) – Haim takes the lead with almost three times as many likes as LC!


As much as we love both bands, it looks like Haim is the clear-cut winner. With only one studio album release under their belt, they have already surpassed what many veterans in the industry are able to accomplish. They’ve gathered a passionate fan base, released a solid debut album, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. Also, subtweeting is not cool; take note.

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Article by Raefa Alsalah

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