Have You Django Django’d Yet?

There I was, a well established Hard Rock fan, at Central Park Summer Stage, about to partake in an all-English baroque pop show. I found myself there, trying to recall the lyrics to “She’s Not There” by The Zombies, who were headlining the show, as Django Django took the stage.

Django DjangoLooking at a handful of synthesizers and rather modest set-up for an indie-pop/rock electronic group, I thought ‘Great, another band hiding behind their electronic toys.’

Six minutes later…dancing like there’s no tomorrow!

Every once in awhile a talented group rises from nowhere, that can not only entertain a crowd, but can also perfectly recreate the sound from their heavily produced albums. Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, Django Django has risen.

The British quartet formed just a few years back in 2009 and although they have only one studio album under their belt, they play like they’ve been at it for decades.  Nothing else to say, other than they nailed it; from the perfectly timed vibra-slap, to the tightly mastered harmonies throughout, and everything in between.

As I was jumping about, I kept thinking, ‘These guys are awesome, but how do you classify a band with this type of diversity.’ On “Skies Over Cairo” you get this trance-esque/middle easternDjango Django Picture dance track while on “Storm” you are essentially immersed a neo-psychedelic surf rock tune, and on their big single, “Default”, you get a drum heavy, dance-your-face-off, indie rock tune.  What’s truly incredible, is that as you take this very diverse musical journey, you hear Django Django’s distinct sound on every note. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the The Zombies are amazing, however, I didn’t walk out humming “Time of the Season” that evening.

If you haven’t listened to Django Django’s self-titled album, now is the time.  More importantly, do yourself a favor and see them perform next time they’re in town.

Catch Django Django in action!

Article by Mark Ayesh

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