Heisman Trophy Candidate 2016: Derrick Henry

When it comes to the University of Alabama’s junior running back, Derrick Henry, the word “dynamic” may not do him justice. This amazingly effective twenty-one year old superstar who was born in Yulee, Florida on July 17, 1994 “runs to daylight” just about every time he touches the ball.

Derrick Henry is a powerhouse for the Crimson Tide

Derrick Henry is a powerhouse for the Crimson Tide

As a player at Yulee High School, this huge and powerful 6’3” two hundred forty-two pound “scoring machine” amassed incredible offensive numbers in his four year career.

While in high school, Henry ran for an incredible twelve thousand one hundred twenty-four yards and produced  an unbelievable one hundred fifty-three rushing touchdowns.

In 2013, this remarkable athlete played three varsity sports: basketball, track and field and, of course, football. As a football player he was elected to the USA Today High School All-American Team. He was also cited as a “Five Star Player” and called the Number One athlete in America.

Those are all lofty designations and proof that Derrick Henry is always going to be a special player in basketball, on the track and, most importantly, in football.

So it came as no surprise that when he completed his high school career and received his diploma that Derrick Henry was the top recruiting target for some of the best college football programs in the United States.

In fact, he  received overtures from Georgia Tech University, the University of Tennessee, the Gators of the University of Florida, Clemson University, the University of Miami (Florida), Notre Dame University,  the University of Southern California and the Seminoles of Florida State University.

He was also offered a scholarship from the University of Alabama and that was the school he chose. To date, both sides are happy with one another. Derrick Henry has become a starter for the first time this year (2015) and has produced at a very high level. In fact, he has already rushed for five hundred seventy yards and nine touchdowns, numbers that place him near the top nationally in offensive production.

He has been named Player of the Week twice for his exploits on the gridiron and, because he performs behind a very solid offensive line, it seems likely that with more than half a season remaining to be played, Derrick Henry will easily produce the kind of offensive numbers that make him a serious candidate to win the Heisman Trophy.

It won’t be easy, of course, because there are other very deserving players. But if Derrick Henry continues to “run for daylight” and score touchdowns, he will have an excellent chance to be this year’s winner of college football’s most important award for individual excellence on a football field.

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