Heisman Trophy Candidate 2016: Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott is a 6’0” two hundred thirty pound third-year running back for America’s current top college football program, Ohio State University. Born twenty years ago on July 22, 1995, this bruising player who has just begun his junior year likes to run over and around defenders. He manages both maneuvers with equal skill.

Ohio State's Ezekiel Elliott

Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott

Elliott played football as a young teenager for John Burroughs in Ladue, Missouri. While there, he excelled in three sports, basketball, track and field and, of course, football. He was heavily recruited after completing his senior year in high school and finally accepted a scholarship to Ohio State University.

He has benefitted from that decision, as has the school. Last year, in the 2014-2015 Season, Elliott was named the Offensive Most Valuable Player in the Sugar Bowl when he rushed for an eye-opening two hundred thirty-one yards on just twenty-one carries.

His performance led his squad to an impressive and hard-fought victory. Ohio State scored forty-two points as they upended the very tough Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama.

Over the course of his career at Ohio State, Ezekiel Elliott has managed to amass a total of three thousand one hundred twenty-eight yards while making his way into the end zone a startling thirty-one times. Yes, he has scored thirty-one touchdowns before his junior year.

Perhaps equally impressive for this future professional running back and possible Heisman Trophy winner is the fact that he has, in just two seasons, played in seventeen games in which he has run for at least one hundred yards.

There is no question that Ezekiel Elliot has shown enough to be named the Heisman Trophy winner. But, while he has obviously performed very well, there are others that will compete against him for the award who also have had great success on the gridiron.

That’s why the selection of the Heisman Trophy winner is so difficult. Competition for that trophy is intense and those who choose the winner have a very difficult job.

That said, Ezekiel Elliot has a legitimate chance to go home with this year’s trophy. He plays for a top team and runs behind a huge offensive line that is able to open holes for him. That line gives him a weekly opportunity to put up big offensive numbers. However, Elliott’s competitors for this year’s Heisman Trophy also play for big-time programs where the talent level is high and success comes easily.

It will be interesting to see if Ezekiel Elliott or one of his very talented competitors wins this year’s most coveted college football award. As always, the most consistent performer is likely to earn the honor that will eventually turn into a multi-million dollar playing contract in the NFL.

Fans of the Ohio State University hope that when the winning name is called, it will be Ezekiel Elliott. In their minds, he definitely deserves the honor.

image courtesy of buckeyextra.dispatch.com

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