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Years of poor play and terrible won-loss records have enabled this former National League team to acquire very high draft picks. And now, the Houston Astros, currently in the American League Western Division, find themselves in first place, two games ahead of the second place Los Angeles Angels.

It has taken a long time for this squad from Texas to go from lovable losers to dynamic and dangerous winners. But, they have made it … and they want to stay just where they find themselves in the standings today.

It won’t be easy to keep the status quo. The Angels of Anaheim are loaded with talent and playing well. And teams with no chance at postseason play that are on the Houston Astros Schedule want to topple and humble the leaders in order to validate their own season.

The road ahead is likely to be tough, a baseball minefield. Consider the following. The Houston Astros Schedule has them playing the hard-charging Angels in three critically important games at home – in Minute Maid Park – on September 21, September 22 and September 23.

Those three games may very well decide division supremacy. But first place may also be decided in games between these two teams that will not be played at Minute Maid Park. As the Houston Astros Schedule indicates, these two high-flying clubs will square off against one another about one week earlier, from September 11-September 13, at Angel Stadium of Anaheim in southern California.

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There are other games that show up on the Houston Astros Schedule that may impact their season, as well. A 3-game series against the first place Los Angeles Dodgers of the National League will present the Astros with a tough challenge. The loss of one, two or all three games could open the door for the club from Anaheim.

Of course, games on the Houston Astros Schedule that have them competing at Minute Maid Park against teams with no chance at postseason play can become a problem. Such teams have nothing to lose as the season winds down and they are generally able to perform without pressure.

These teams “play loose” while squads like the Astros, with something on the line in every game, can “play tight.” And if that happens to this very young Texas squad, the results could turn out to be very disappointing.

The Houston Astros Schedule has out-of-contention divisional opponents coming to Minute Maid Park twice in September. The fourth place Mariners will try to act as spoilers on August 31-September 2 while the last place Oakland Athletics will be poised to inflict late season damage on September18-September20.

With so much at stake, it’s reasonable to assume that the Houston Astros will be up to the challenge. And when October arrives and postseason play begins, a team to watch will be the squad from Texas, more specifically, the young, dangerous and very talented Houston Astros.

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