Houston Texans Schedule

The Houston Texans schedule is one of the more favorable ones in the NFL, but it does start out with two challenging contests. The Texans start out the 2015 season with a game against the Kansas City Chiefs before heading to Carolina in week two. The Texans struggled a bit last year but are a sleeper team that could be better than expected if they can get solid quarterback play. Against Kansas and especially Carolina they will have a chance for an upset. Carolina struggled to protect Cam Newton last year and the Texans defense led by JJ Watt should be able to apply some pressure. If Houston can get Jadeveon Clowney going opposite Watt they should be able to wreak havoc on Newton and come away with a victory. If Houston can indeed steal one of the first two games they will be in good shape going forward. The Houston Texans schedule gets significantly easier towards the middle of the season. The biggest benefit they have is being in a division with Jacksonville and Tennessee. Those are four wins most teams should be able to get, including Houston. Following week two, the Texans have a six game stretch with winnable games against teams such as Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Tennessee. They also face Miami during this stretch and that game is a tossup. The only thing standing in-between Houston and a division title is the Indianapolis Colts, who is the lone challenging game during this stretch.

It is important for the Texans to play well during that six game stretch. They have many winnable games and they need to take advantage of them in order to fight for a playoff spot. Unfortunately for them, the game against the Colts is not a good matchup. The Texans do have a very good defense but there is no way they can keep up with the production of Andrew Luck. Making matters worse is the recent injury to Arian Foster, who could be out for half of the season. It is hard to see the Texans winning the division, but they could be line for a wildcard spot. The other silver lining in the Houston Texans schedule is that they end the season with back to back games against Jacksonville and Tennessee. If they are in the hunt late in the season they will have a great shot to win their final two games and get into the playoffs. Houston’s worst position is their quarterback play but the Titans will be playing a rookie, while Jacksonville is starting second year quarterback Blake Bortles who still has a lot of room to grow. If Houston can take advantage of the soft spots in their schedule they could find themselves back in the playoffs.

Graphic via cbslocal, torotimes

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