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The Indianapolis Colts schedule opens up very favorable out of the gate. The Colts have been a playoff team the past few years and will be looking to take the next step and reach the super bowl this season. They have a great chance to start out the season on a positive note with games against Buffalo, New York (Jets), Tennessee, and Jacksonville to start out the season. New York and Buffalo will test Andrew Luck with great defenses but none of these teams have an offense built to stick with the Colts. They should start the year 4-0, but then things get progressively more difficult. In week 5 the Colts have a date with division rival Houston. The Texans pass rush could make this game interesting. It could also be a situation where Indianapolis is caught looking ahead as they have a week 6 game against the New England Patriots. Houston could be a trap game for the Colts.

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Week 6 against the Patriots is a game that the Colts have been waiting for since the offseason began. When the Indianapolis Colts schedule came out, there is no doubt that they marked week 6. The Patriots dismantled the Colts 45-7 in the playoffs last year, in the game that became famous for creating “deflate gate”. Properly inflated footballs or not, there was no doubting who the superior team was on this day. Tom Brady carved out the Colts defense and got whatever he wanted all game long. The game figured to be high scoring, but Andrew Luck and the Colts were surprisingly awful and managed just one score. This game will be personal for the Colts but if their defense does not show up it will be another long outing.  The Colts have a few more challenging contests after New England with games against the Broncos, Saints, Steelers, and Panthers. Luckily for them the end of their schedule is similar to the beginning. After week 13 against Pittsburgh, the Indianapolis Colts schedule becomes very favorable to a good ending going into the playoffs. They face two fringe playoff teams in Miami and Houston and also face the Jaguars and then the Titans to close out the season. They should be able to build momentum going into the first round of the playoffs. Overall, the Indianapolis Colts schedule shows a chance for a great record. They may drop a few games in the middle of the year but they should be able to jump out to a good start and then finish strong which is most important. Look for Andrew Luck and the Colts to take advantage of a relatively soft schedule and build another double digit win season.
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