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The Jacksonville Jaguars schedule has a daunting start to it in the 2015 season. They take on Carolina and Miami at home in the first two weeks. Carolina has been a playoff team for the past few seasons and Miami was just one game out last year. Jacksonville will need improved play from Blake Bortles this year to compete with teams of this caliber. The problem for Jacksonville is things only get tougher. Following the game against Miami they face New England and Indianapolis back to back. They could easily start the season 0-4 and be facing another long season. Jacksonville simply does not have the offensive firepower to keep up with these teams. Bortles showed some promise last year but has a way to go. They hope second round draft pick TJ Yeldon can help with the running game this year, along with Dennard Robinson, but that remains to be seen. It is not until week five when the Jacksonville Jaguars schedule presents a winnable game. In week five they face Jameis Winston and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The rookie quarterback is very talented and someone for Bortles to compare his game against.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars schedule does slow down a bit during the middle of the season when they face a stretch against mediocre teams from last year. They play Houston, Buffalo, and the New York Jets all right in a row. All three teams have questions at quarterback just like Jacksonville. This may be a chance for them to steal a game, but honestly wins are likely to be few and far between for the Jaguars all season. They have a relatively challenging schedule to begin with and have a deficit of talent. The only teams with comparable talent on the schedule for Jacksonville are Tennessee and Tampa Bay. For them it is all about building for the future and seeing what players they can develop. They took a hit in training camp when first round pick Dante Fowler hurt his knee. He will likely miss his entire rookie season. The Jaguars schedule is also challenging down the stretch of the season when they face the Colts, Saints, Falcons, and Texans. Hopefully by this point in the season Blake Bortles will have progressed enough to pick up a few victories. A few potential wins against the Falcons and Texans would look good going into the 2016 season. Unfortunately the Jacksonville Jaguars schedule is pretty tough overall, as it leaves little hope for the team to improve on last year’s meager win total of three games. For Jacksonville it is all about the future and the hope that they finally found their next franchise quarterback in Blake Bortles.
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