James Murphy Shares His Plan for a Musical Subway Ride


Former LCD Soundsystem frontman–and all-around cool guy–James Murphy has come up with a plan to make the New York City subway experience a little more enjoyable. In the video below, Murphy reveals his plan to replace the harsh beeping of MTA turnstiles with a more melodic set of tones that would essentially make music as riders swipe their fare cards.

James Murphy’s Subway Plans in NYC

Having a bank of turnstiles producing different notes within the same key would create a whole different ambience as riders enter the subway system. As Murphy puts it, this would be an opportunity to, “have something quite beautiful in a place where something beautiful seems impossible.”

With the MTA reportedly planning to transition its fare card system, this may be an opportune time for Murphy’s musical subway idea.

Watch the video below to hear Murphy plead his case. You can sign the petition here.

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Article by Jason Schellhardt

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