Jay Z Invites a 12-Year-Old Fan to Rap With Him Onstage

jay z

The rap mogul showed a soft-side by inviting a young fan to help him rap during a recent concert in Greensboro, North Carolina. The fan held up a sign that read “Can I rap for you?” but was unnoticed until he returned for a second night on a whim. Jay Z finally noticed the plea and had the young MC share his verse from “Clique,” albeit the clean version.

A Young MC Helps Jay Z in Concert

This kid has some serious guts; going onstage and rapping in front of thousands of fans is no easy feat. Who among us wouldn’t be a sweaty, awkward train-wreck stuttering through a verse? The kid is just unfazed, and even asks HOV to kick it after the show. Watch the video below:

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