Just How Dominant Is Adele’s “Hello” (Infographic)

Adele is a force of nature. Adele is every force of nature. Adele is the only force of nature.

No, but seriously, she’s a really, really big deal. We knew that when the British songstress made her return, debuting the first single to her upcoming album 25, that it would do quite well. But no one could have guessed that she would make a return quite like this.

The simultaneous release of her new song “Hello” on all platforms, including the music video, has been swift and all-encompassing. Many outlets have already pointed out that she broke first day records for Youtube views, while shattering the one week records for downloads, making “Hello” the second most purchased first a week track behind only Elton John’s 1997 release of “Candle In The Wind.”

But these accomplishments only scratch the surface of just how dominant this song already is. What makes things that much more eye opening is when you compare it to previous all time record breaking and fellow tracks that debuted atop the charts. We took an expansive look at the numbers behind “Hello” and compared them to the most relevant and contextualized peers. Along the way discovering some numbers and records that had not yet been reported.

For example:
As recently as November 4th, Adele set a new one day Global streaming record with “Hello” having been streamed over 5.9 million times in a day. The previous record (excluding Adele) was 4.75 million for Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean.”

Take a look at the interactive chart below. The numbers for Adele’s “Hello” are based on her first week output.
It should be mentioned that there is a great deal of misinformation when it comes to sales/steaming numbers on the internet, even from reputable sources. We took the time to make sure these numbers are as accurate as possible.

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