Artist of the Week – King Krule


King Krule

Most musicians pursue an ideal to produce purely original art that is independent and serves to redefine the accepted norms and standards for their field of talent. There are plenty of musicians that do indeed pioneer and revolutionize music with their unique sound, but for the most part, artists usually end up adhering to a set style or genre of music with little signature twists and stylistic experiments scattered here and there.  Nineteen year old Archy Marshall, better known as King Krule, is quite the exception to this rule.

Artist of the Week – King Krule

The nineteen year old is a tall, red-haired phenomenon hailing from England, where he was born and raised. He adapted his moniker several years back and dropped a self-titled EP in 2011, two years before his debut album, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, was released.  Listeners love to compare and find similarities between artists, but King Krule is simply incomparable with anything you’ve ever heard before.

Some claim he’s the next Bob Dylan or Lou Reed, and he has been compared to Joe Strummer and even a male version of Amy Winehouse.  However, none of these comparisons make the mark, because King Krule’s signature is his ridiculously deep voice, which he manages to pack so much soul and profoundness into, without sounding like he takes himself too seriously. His music exemplifies the “miscellaneous” category, as it encompasses soul, blues, indie rock, alternative, hip-hop, ska, reggae, and much more.

The recently released 6 Feet Beneath the Moon solidifies Marshall’s place in the world of wonderful music. Archy’s voice is meshed with beachy guitar riffs and melancholic acoustics, offering the listener a new and interesting experience. While the music is well developed and flowing, King Krule’s singing lacks a clear structure, as he freestyles throughout the songs. Regardless, the overall result is a cool and collected sound that delivers a coherent message to the listener through passively disorganized tunes.

“Easy Easy” is King Krule’s breakthrough hit that pretty much put him on the map (and #3 on our Top 50 Songs of 2013). Upon hearing the opening line of the song, “Well same old Bobby, same old beat,” the uniqueness of Archy’s music is defined. Other notable songs on the album include “Cementality,” where Marshall’s voice eerily echoes to an electronic beat, as well as more jazzy tunes, including “Neptune Estate,” “Border Line,” “Will I Come,” and “A Lizard State.” The entire album flows together remarkably well, but each song can stand on its own and offers something new for the listener as they listen through it.

King Krule’s revolutionary talent has not gone unnoticed, and at the young age of nineteen, he has already toured Europe and North America, as well as performing on Conan and Letterman. He is set to tour Europe this upcoming April, and the future remains open to infinite possibilities for the singer-songwriter. Archy Marshall is truly a gem in today’s musical world, and his ability create something so original and unique at such a young age is astonishing and admirable. With such a promising future ahead, one thing’s certain: this King came to conquer.

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Article by Pauline Pechakjian

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