Fred Armisen Tapped as Band Leader for Late Night With Seth Meyers

Fred Armisen Band Leader Late Night Seth Meyers

Fred Armisen will serve as band leader for new Late Night with Seth Meyers

Band leaders have always played an important part of the late night TV’s comedic and musical dynamic. Letterman has Paul Shaffer. Conan had Max Weinberg. Leno had Kevin Eubanks. And of course, Jimmy Fallon has The Legendary Roots Crew. As Fallon makes his big move to The Tonight Show, Questlove and the Roots are also following. That means the Late Night slot will not only need a new host, but a new band as well. Enter: former SNL comedian Seth Meyers and his fellow SNL alum Fred Armisen. Seth Meyers is slated to host Late Night with Seth Meyers starting February 24th, and filling the role of band leader will be Portlandia star Fred Armisen.

Seth Meyers Recruits Fred Armisen for New Late Night Slot

This might sound like a joke to some, but remember, Armisen has had quite a musical career, playing with Trenchmouth, the Blue Man Group and even performing with Joanna Newsom in 2011. In an eerily accurate 2013 prediction of things to come, Armisen and Questlove even had a drum battle for the ages (or maybe for the future of the Late Night band leader position). His work on Portlandia brought out a slew of artists like Jack White and St. Vincent, so we can only imagine the talk show musical guests that are going to appear on Late Night with Seth Meyers (and Fred Armisen).

Armisen’s band includes guitarist Seth Jabour (Les Savy Fav), bassist Syd Butler (Les Savy Fav), keyboardist Eli Janney (Girls Against Boys) and drummer Kim Thompson (Beyoncé’s touring band)

Watch Armisen and Questlove duke it out below:

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Article by Arpan Somani

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