Lorde Captivates the Tower Theater in Philly

We’ve all experienced those pop songs that are played non-stop and get stuck in your head for days, no matter how hard you try to get them out. Case in point – “Royals.” Over the past year, Lorde has exploded onto the music scene with the debut of her album Pure Heroine. I’ll be honest and admit when I first heard the song I thought for sure she would be another one-hit wonder, but clearly, I was wrong. This 17-year old from New Zealand has already topped nearly every music chart, is a two-time Grammy winner, and is playing sold-out venues across the world… and I thought I was cool at 17 for getting good grades and making varsity field hockey.

Lorde Concert Review – Tower Theater in Philly

Lorde made her Philadelphia debut on Saturday night at the Tower Theater. The crowd was an eclectic mix – full of teenagers desperately trying to match Lorde’s goth-inspired look, families with young children, parents alone, and surprisingly a bunch of men of all ages.

As the venue darkened, a huge curtain was slowly drawn down to cover the stage, making the sold out crowd erupt into cheers filled with anticipation for their first glimpse at the budding pop goddess. Per her usual demeanor, Lorde shyly took the stage and gracefully dove into the first song of the night, “Glory and Gore.” While watching her alone on stage, one could fully understand what has made her a star – her voice. Polished, charismatic, rich; it didn’t feel as if I was watching a 17 year-old perform. After she finished the curtain rose, exposing her two-man backing band before the trio dug into “Biting Down.”

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After playing “White Teeth Teens,” Lorde took a moment and pleasantly told the crowd “I like you guys a lot.” To even more of the delight of the crowd, Lorde later told fans she was out driving in the Philly suburbs earlier and was baffled how much it reminded her of back home; relating the experience to her lyrics in “400 Lux.” As a Philly native, it’s hard to imagine New Zealand being compared here, but hey, I’ll take it.

It was no surprise that “Royals” was the biggest hit of the night, with the crowd erratically singing along and completely wrapped up in the moment.  The low-key song was followed up by “Team,” filled with an energy that captivated the crowd (highlighted by bursts of confetti). After a short break, Lorde returned to the stage donning a shimmery gold robe, ending the night with “A World Alone.”

lorde concert review tower theater

Photo Credit: Erika Reinsel

Saturday night proved to be more than just a concert. It was an in-depth look at a budding star. Lorde is not only a tremendous singer, she’s an extremely talented songwriter. Her lyrics are nothing more than honest – some are deep, some are just the thoughts of a normal teenager. Regardless of what she is singing about, she does it with such a confidence that is well beyond her years. It’s baffling to think this girl is only 17 and has already received such widespread success; one can only imagine what will happen as she grows up. Either way, I think it’s safe to say we can call her Queen Bee – and she’s definitely living that fantasy.

lorde concert review

Photo Credit: Erika Reinsel

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Article by Erika Reinsel

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