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Lovelife Artist to Watch

Lovelife. Photo Credit: Erika Reinsel

The road to success is never an easy one – just ask the folks of Lovelife. It’s been a whirlwind of a year for Lee, Ally, Sam, and Frank. Moving, writing, recording, remixing, touring – that’s just a quick glance at their resume – and they’re only just beginning.

Lovelife Continue Their Journey Towards Success With a Residency in Los Angeles

Lovelife formed in early 2012, hailing all the way from London. The band consists of Lee Newell (vocals), Ally Young (keyboards), Sam Jackson (guitar), and Frank Colucci (drums). After rehabbing from previous gigs in the UK, the newly formed Lovelife was looking for a fresh start and headed to the Big Apple – Brooklyn to be exact.

Brooklyn was the exact change of scenery and inspiration the guys needed. During this time, the band self-produced two EPs – El Regreso and The Fourth Floor. Lovelife began playing shows throughout the city, and even scored performances at the popular CMJ Music Marathon showcase and SXSW, where they captured the hearts of fans, publications, and musicians alike.

“We definitely miss New York. It’s kind of a spiritual home for us as it’s where everything began.” – Lovelife

Lovelife has created a unique sound that sets them apart from other musicians today – think electronica meets R&B meets pop. Lee has mentioned a lot of the lyrics are reflective of a past failed relationship (if their music is a result of bad memories, that relationship is a blessing in disguise).

Lovelife’s live sound is distinctive. The synth-pop vibes matched with Lee’s vocals produce an effervescent sound; it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the music. The backing of guitar and drums only solidify the melodies, creating a perfect symmetry. It can be hard to create a balance of different sounds, but Lovelife prove it’s possible.

This all goes without saying that seeing Lovelife perform live puts them on a whole other level. Their live show is more than just a concert – it’s an atmospheric presence that leaves a person fully engulfed in their performance. I’ve been lucky enough to catch these guys live a few times, and every time it just gets better.

Lee’s constant interaction with the crowd makes it feel personal; you can’t help but sing along to their catchy tunes, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself dancing to the beat (case in point “Dying to Start Again”). Other stand-out tracks to check out are “Your New Beloved” and “Stateless.” Believe me when I say, one listen and you’ll be hooked.

In the short time that Lovelife has been around, they’ve been recognized from some big names in the music industry, and have even been commissioned for remixes by the likes of The Killers, MS MR, Ellie Goulding, Imagine Dragons, and AlunaGeorge. Of these, their remix of “Best Be Believing” is one of their favorite to date.

Recently, the band packed up their things once again, this time moving to Los Angeles. We asked Sam how life has changed since heading to The Golden State and he said, “We’re very happy in LA. It’s a great town and we’ve settled in nicely, but we definitely miss New York. It’s kind of a spiritual home for us as it’s where everything began.”

2013 started out with a bang for Lovelife. They began the year touring alongside Capital Cities and Gold Fields (former Artist to Watch). Afterwards, they started working on their third EP, Stateless, which was recently released digitally. The group also just wrapped up touring with fellow black-and-white connoisseurs, The Neighbourhood for “The Love Collection Tour.” Now, after playing a handful of headlining shows in the California area, Lovelife will begin working on their first full-length album.

We asked the guys what one thing was that they wanted fans to know about them – their answer: wrestling enthusiasts. A close second, as fans may know from a previous Twitter post: the guys love Yorkshire tea. That said, it’s an apparent struggle to find the tea in the states, so they kindly asked fans to throw some their way (just wait until their performance is over, preferably).

Every band goes through a degree of trials and tribulations. In just a short time, Lovelife has overcome a lot of adversity to become a budding name in the music industry. They’ve created a slew of infectious vibes, while generating a dynamic base of devoted fans. Lovelife has already enjoyed a big year, and it hasn’t even wrapped up yet. Forget what you’ve heard; they’re creating their own path to success, and we’ll all be sure to follow along.

Whether you’re a fan or a first-time listener, you can check out Lovelife’s complete collection on iTunes and SoundCloud. Stateless is currently available digitally, but will be officially released in November. Stayed tuned to and Rukkus for full info and current tour dates.

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 Article by Erika Reinsel

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