Metallica Invites Fans To Create Their Setlists

metallica by request tour dates
Metallica is like a sleeping giant—they’re gradually waking up from a state of dormancy, but when they do, people are going to know about it. The metal band is beginning to create a rumbling with the announcement of their “Metallica by Request” tour coming this summer.

Metallica Announce ‘By Request’ Tour This Summer

Fans of the band will be treated to an interesting new format for the band, in which ticket buyers will get to vote on the 17 song setlist based on a catalog of 140 songs. Metallica will reserve one spot on list to test out their new material, however, as they prepare to release a full-length album. This innovative method of fan interaction is sure to create an even bigger buzz around the shows, and perhaps will serve as a model for more artists in the future.  Though there are only three shows in Germany for the tour so far, expect more dates to be added in the future. In the meantime, check out live footage from their recent film Metallica Through The Never.

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