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One hundred games into the 2015 Major League baseball season the surprising Minnesota Twins find themselves in second place in the American League Central Division with a won-loss record of 52-48.

The good news is that this team has already surpassed expectations. The bad news is that it finds itself nine-and-one-half games behind the division leaders, the high-flying Kansas City Royals. And here is the worst news of all …

The Minnesota Twins Schedule over the remaining sixty-two games leaves them few chances to compete against the team they’re chasing. As a result, it is probably going to be difficult to make up ground. Here is what lies ahead for this feisty, hard-playing squad.

For starters, the Minnesota Twins Schedule, the team’s remaining sixty-two games, provides only one series against the Kansas City Royals. It will take place September 7 through September 9 – in Missouri.

It’s not going to be easy to beat a very good team on its home field, but the Minnesota Twins have to take at least two of the three games scheduled to be played. The truth is that they really need to “sweep the series” in order to close ground so there is a chance to overtake the team ahead of them.

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The Minnesota Twins Schedule has them participating in a number of other key series against divisional opponents. They’ll be hosting the Cleveland Indians, the last place club in the division, on August 14-August 16 and again on September 22–September 23. All divisional games are important, especially when there is so much ground to make up.

So, the Twins will almost certainly think of these games as “must-win contests.” That is likely to be true with other series still on the Minnesota Twins Schedule.

Consider the following. The team from the Twin Cities will face the club that is in third place and just a couple of games behind them, the Chicago White Sox. The two clubs will face off in three games starting September 1st and ending September 3rd in Minneapolis.

Importantly, the Minnesota Twins Schedule also has them traveling to the Windy City to face the White Sox in a critical three game series on September 11-September 13, just a week after they compete in Minnesota.

And, while the Minnesota Twins Schedule includes a few tough teams outside their division, such as the Los Angeles Angels and Detroit Tigers, the majority of their remaining games will pit them against teams that are having poor seasons. These are teams that make the Minnesota Twins Schedule in August and September favorable.

The harsh reality for the Minnesota Twins is that even if they play “lights out” baseball over the final two months, they are unlikely to overtake the Kansas City Royals. Their best chance to get to postseason play will be as a Wild Card. And the Minnesota Twins Schedule may just make it possible for them to win enough games to keep playing into October.

It could happen and maybe it should happen. The team’s fanbase deserves the excitement of postseason play.

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