Miriam Bryant Bares Her Heart in Los Angeles

Miriam Bryant

The last few years have seen a fair share of solid pairings between male DJs and their musical muses; think Sonny & Cher—but with synths. After all, what would David Guetta’s “Titanium” have been without Sia? Calvin Harris’ “I Need Your Love” without Ellie Goulding? Or Zedd’s “Clarity” without Foxes? Now, we have the latter’s latest chanteuse in 22-year-old singer Miriam Bryant.

Miriam Bryant at the Bootleg Theater in L.A.

Though Zedd debuted their collaboration, “Find You,” last month, Bryant reminded listeners that she’s more than just a featured guest with her solo show at Los Angeles’ Bootleg Theater on Sunday night. After all, the Swedish signer already achieved a Top 20 hit in her home country with her song, “Push Play” (which Zedd merely remixed later for the deluxe edition of his debut album).

“Push Play” is exactly what Bryant used to introduce herself to her new stateside audience. Her ombre strands hanging well to her waist, she stomped the stage, marching to the tune’s rolling drums in towering platform sneakers that recalled the style of Robyn. Her voice, however, is in the company of Adele, but with more of an edge (a la ZZ Ward), as evidenced by the drumstick-banging she did above her head like a regular rocker.

The seesawing keys and choir-like backing of “Etched in Stone” compelled Bryant to hover over the edge of stage and her audience before she was called back to the mic stand by the sacrificial story “Bleeding Out” and a stripped-clean version of the explosive EDM track “Find You.” But for those feeling slighted by the slowed rendition, the chance to move came immediately afterward when Bryant asked the crowd to, “Imagine you’re the best dancer in the world and nobody’s watching” before her performance of the sassy and snap-worthy send-off “Easy Street.”

“That was about my ex-boyfriend,” Bryant admitted upon returning to the stage after dancing with three crowd members. “And this next song is also about my ex-boyfriend because he has a very ‘Weak Heart,’” she said, simultaneously revealing the song’s title. But, like most bad relationships, before she could find her rhythm, she flubbed. Stopping her four-piece band mid-stroke, -pluck and -press, Bryant let us all in on her frustration: “I got so excited I started singing in the wrong fucking key! I was so excited by my anger. I blame it on…Richard.”

Still, Bryant recovered, maybe unintentionally uplifted by her own lyrics—“Your weak heart makes me stronger”—and, in doing so, proved that she’s fit for the same stardom earned by boasting (and basking in) ex-inspired anthems. Move over, Adele.

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Article by Danielle Cheesman

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