MLB Player Profile: Giancarlo Stanton

There are MLB baseball players who you do not get up and go to the restroom or the kitchen during their at bats. Giancarlo Stanton is one of those players. Something exciting seems to happen whenever he is at the dish. He might hit one 500’ or he might get drilled in the face or on the hand, landing him on the DL.

It’s a shame that the injury bug keeps biting Stanton because if he ever put together a 150 game season, he would put up numbers. It’s also too bad the Miami Marlins don’t seem to have any protection in the lineup for him.

Stanton’s home runs don’t just clear the fence. There are people who have bought cheap tickets to Marlins games never thinking they would leave with a souvenir baseball that not only have the balls but a Stanton story to tell.

Stanton actually does have a 150 game season, his second season in 2011 when he hit 34 home runs and drove in 87. He also had a 145 game season in 2014 when he hit 37 homers and drove in 105 runs. In 2015 he was on a ridiculous pace before landing on the D.L. for the second time in less than a year after getting drilled by a pitch. Last year he missed the last few games after a fastball hit him in the face and left him with several broken bones. This year he sustained a broken hand.  He has 27 homers and 67 RBIs in only 74 games. Think about that for a minute. He is on a last place team and he was driving in almost a run per game!

In 2012, Stanton hit 37 home runs in only 123 games! Whoa! He had 100 fewer plate appearances that year than he did in 2011 when he hit 34 homers and he had 37 that season. What might he have done with another 100 trips to the plate? He may have hit 50.

Some of his home runs in 2015 have been measured in miles. He hit his 26th in Marlins Park against the Cardinals. If you’ve never seen a game from Marlins Park, there are outfield seats, then behind that a walkway, then behind that a huge glass window wall similar to what the Astros have. Stanton blasted that shot off the glass. Had the wall not been there, it may have gone 600 feet.

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In 2012 he hit a grand slam off of Jamie Moyer that Marlins fans still talk about. It broke the scoreboard in the left field stands. The scoreboard is well above the seats and people who were sitting in them swear the ball was still going up when it struck it.

If the Marlins ever get another hitter to put in the lineup behind this guy, and he can learn to get out of the way of an inside fastball, he could really be special. He already has 181 home runs in an injury riddled first six years. If he stays in the lineup over the next six years, he could get up to around 450 homers and he would still only be 31 years old. 12 more healthy years and he could end up in the 650 range.

Stanton is surely one of those guys who fans would gladly pay to watch. It is worth the price of admission if you can get in early to watch him take batting practice. The Marlins know what they have in Stanton. A franchise known for its fire sales, have locked Stanton up for the foreseeable future. He signed a 13 year contract worth 325 million. At the time it was the most lucrative contract in professional sports history. If he plays out those 13 years in Miami and winds up somewhere around 650 home runs, it will seem like a bargain.

It is not inconceivable that we still have not seen him hit his full potential. After all, he is only 25 and has had a lot of bad lineups around him. And there is also his injury issues as well. If he gets much better he could be another Mickey Mantle.

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