MLB Player Profile: Mike Trout


If you’re a fan of major league baseball, you know the name Mike Trout. He patrols centerfield for the team that plays its home games in Anaheim and he is good … very good.

In fact, at the tender young age of twenty-three, Trout has already been in the big leagues for three full seasons and his accomplishments mark him as one of the two or three best players in sport … perhaps the very best.

Trout burst upon the scene a few years ago and immediately made an impact. He hits for average, hits for power, plays incredible defense, runs like a deer and throws bullets from his outfield position to nail runners trying to advance an extra base.

Trout has been special from the day he was called up by the Angels. He is a perennial All Star and his team’s Most Valuable Player. In truth, in each season he has played, Mike Trout has competed for the home run and batting title. 2015 is no exception.

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Just one week into the second half of the season, Trout’s name is at the top in home runs (he has already hit thirty) and in runs batted in (RBIs). He is close to the league leaders in that very important category.

As is almost always the case for this outstanding player, Trout’s season compares favorably to what he achieved in 2014 and, with roughly seventy games remaining to be played this year, it is readily apparent that he is putting up “good numbers” and will finish the year strongly and near the top in many offensive categories.

Trout is a special talent. When coupled with fellow superstar Albert Pujols in the Angels lineup, it’s easy to see why this team has been surging over the past few weeks and is now in first place in the American League Western Division.

Opposing hurlers would like to “pitch around” Mike Trout, but Albert Pujols provides important lineup protection enabling young Mike to get pitches to hit. And he hits them … hard.

It will surprise nobody if this remarkably talented and athletic outfielder wins the home run title this year, the RBI title, too. And while he probably has no chance of winning the batting title, he clearly has the skills to win the American League Triple Crown (home runs, RBIs and batting average) at some point in his career.

More importantly, as long as Trout continues to play at a level reached by very few other players the Angels from Anaheim will be competing for league supremacy year after year after year.

With so much fun and excitement taking place at the ballpark there will be little reason for local residents to visit the area’s other major attraction, Disneyland, for entertainment and good, clean fun.
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