MLB Player Profile: Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder is baseball royalty, the son of former major league superstar Cecil Fielder. Prince has a stocky build, looks like his father and, in many ways, hits like him, as well.

Cecil Fielder was a frequent All Star and a true slugger, but he also hit for average. His son is following in his dad’s footsteps.

Of course, the current Fielder has been in the Major Leagues for eleven years. He was drafted very high, 7th pick in the first round, by the Milwaukee Brewers in 2002. His Major League career began when he was called up to the parent club on June 13, 2005.

The heavy-set young player hit from the start and, like his father before him, played first base. He played it well, too, in those early days. But it was his hitting that made him valuable and kept him on the field as a starter.

During his seven years with Milwaukee, Fielder provided power and RBIs while hitting in the third or fourth spot in the lineup. He was considered a dangerous hitter and opposing hurlers often pitched around him.

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In 2012, Fielder took his skill set to Detroit where he spent the next two seasons hitting for power and for average.

Then, in 2014, Fielder became a Free Agent and signed a 9-year deal with the Texas Rangers worth more than $200 million. His new team made him a designated hitter. And that has helped to increase his offensive production.

This year, 2015, has been one of the very best in Fielder’s career. He ended the first half with one hundred twenty five hits, fifteen home runs, fifty-eight runs batted in and an imposing .336 batting average. Those numbers put him at or near the top in virtually every category.

Texas Rangers management fully expects Prince Fielder to continue to terrorize opposing pitchers for the remainder of this season because he has lineup protection.

Better yet, his contract runs until 2020 so that the left-handed slugger will be able to help the Texas cause for many years to come.

His career statistics through his first ten-and-one-half seasons are good … very good. Fielder has accumulated more than fifteen hundred hits, three hundred three home runs, nine hundred forty-four runs batted in and an impressive lifetime batting average of .288.

He has additional accomplishments, too. They include six All Star appearances … three Silver Slugger Awards … a home run title in 2007 and he also was co-leader for RBIs in 2009.

The senior Fielder produced offensively like his son is doing now. That’s why Prince is baseball royalty. He has a baseball pedigree and the skills and ability to prove it.

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