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Christopher Owens of Girls. Photo Credit: Sandy Kim

This week brings stories of Arcade Fire (naturally), as they continue to rule the airwaves in anticipation of their 4th full-length release, Reflektor. Elsewhere, the upcoming biopic on Elton John, “Rocketman,” casts an actor to play the iconic artist; the former frontman of Girls goes off on his own for a solo album; and, Paul McCartney makes some heartfelt comments about John Lennon. That and more after the jump.

Arcade Fire Monopolize The Spotlight Before Release

arcade fire

The Canadian band has certainly put significant effort into promoting their impending album, and they continue to build excitement among fans. They stopped by The Colbert Report to chat and play some tunes, and tonight, they’ll be playing a live-streaming concert on NPR at 10pm eastern time. Check it out here.

Former Girls Frontman Continues Solo Project

Christopher Owens, formerly of the band Girls, plans to release the second album from his solo project this Spring. After leaving the successful band for personal reasons, he released his first album, Lysandre, this year and went off on his own. Owens also has a planned tour.

More on the story here.
Tom Hardy To Play Elton John in Biopic

“The Dark Knight Rises” actor (who played Bane) has landed the coveted role of Elton John in the upcoming biographical film on the piano-playing legend. John apparently cited Justin Timberlake as his first choice, but he’ll have to settle for the talented Hardy (no word yet on his musical skill). Shooting begins Fall of next year

Read more here.

McCartney Talks About John Lennon


In a recent interview, Paul McCartney shared: “I speak to John Lennon while writing new songs.” This is in reference to the sentimental ritual he performs of mulling over ideas as if John himself were there. The former Beatle has been more open about his past of late, and seems to have come to terms with his trying relationship with Lennon. McCartney also made enthusiastic comments about Yoko Ono, dismissing any bad-blood between them, and denied that he’ll ever be able to forgive the man that murdered Lennon.

NME has the story.

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