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If there is one thing you should know about K.Flay, it’s that she is nothing you could ever expect. K.Flay (born Kristine Flaherty) is a rapper from Suburban Chicago, but she got her start in San Francisco. She began her musical career during her time studying at Stanford University (where she got a degree in Psychology), where she jokingly wrote a rap song to show how easy it is to make simple rhymes and beats. After her parody, she realizes that she actually enjoyed the process of writing a song and decided to seriously pursue music and rapping.

Artist of the Week – K.Flay

What sets K.Flay apart from other indie rappers is her lyrical content and passionate flow. She pairs her gritty voice with the contrast of bold and apathetic lyrics. Her hooks are always sung, giving a melodic break to her heavy verses, while her lyrics are painstakingly real, as she puts a quarter-life crises into a clear perspective. The young rapper plays with dirty realism and displays her advanced observation skills by paying attention to mundane life details, giving them importance.

As K.Flay produces most of her own material, she accurately creates a beat that parallels the emotion she’s trying to convey. Her distorted rhythms reflect her lyrics about agony, disappointment, and her existential point-of-view. She has the courage to explore the darker parts of a good person, not necessarily for self-destruction, but for self-exploration. She finds the small details in life that we all unknowingly experience, until of course, you hear her verses.

But sometimes, K.Flay drops a slower, more heartfelt song, allowing herself and her audience to see the sunny side of things every once and while. Many of her songs are tributes to her father, who died when she was 14 years old. But aside from painful life experience, K.Flay pursues inspiration in the parts of life that are often overlooked. She strives to write more humanistic themes, bringing lyrically layered content to the table.

Her first two EPs were self-produced in her basement, after which, she was signed to RCA in 2013, where she released her third EP, What If It Is. Although her lyrics are full of self-loathing, the fact that she takes the smallest thoughts and turns them into art displays she actually does have respect and fascination for the details in life. And maybe more importantly, she is showing people that no one really has it all figured out.

Don’t miss K.Flay when she’s in a city near you!

 Article by Jess Keller

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