NBA Offseason Review: Phoenix Suns

Breaking Down Phoenix’s Draft Selections
The Phoenix Suns have found themselves in a bit of a playoff drought. When Steve Nash was running the show at point guard several years ago, all was well for this Phoenix franchise. But it’s been five straight seasons now that the Suns have underachieved and been left out of the postseason, so that made this offseason a crucial moment in terms of the team’s ability to find its way back into the playoff mix.

Luckily for Phoenix, it had two draft selections that could possibly help the franchise change its fortunes. With the 13th pick in the first round, the Suns went out and got Kentucky guard Devin Booker. There was some speculation as to whether or not Booker would be a Top 10 pick, and after he fell a few spots, the Suns were certainly in the perfect spot to scoop him up. Booker’s shooting skills are absolutely phenomenal, and if he can be put in a position to get open shots, he’s going to knock them down more often than not.

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Perhaps Booker’s biggest problem, though, will be whether or not his quickness will stop him from being a mainstay on the court. There are some concerns as to whether he can defend well enough at the NBA level despite his excellent scoring potential. However, as certain players have shown over the years, if you can score, you can find a way to stay on the court.

With its second selection and 44th overall, Phoenix stayed with the Kentucky theme and took point guard Andrew Harrison. But apparently this was one Kentucky player too many, as the Suns would send Harrison to Memphis in exchange for Jon Leuer.

Looking Ahead Into the Suns’ Future

Basketball is not a hard game to figure out, in that the team that scores the most points wins. Adding Booker in the rotation is going to give Phoenix the opportunity to score more points, but it may also allow the opposition to add a few more buckets as well.

Booker is by no means a horrible defender, so let’s make that perfectly clear. And it’s important to remember that he’s only 18 years old, and will have plenty of time to development the necessary skills to become a regular start in the league three or four years down the road. But like all rookies, there are weaknesses, and overall athleticism and quickness happens to be Booker’s in this case.

Adding Booker does without question give the Suns the shooter that they needed, and there’s no doubt that head coach Jeff Hornacek is glad to have someone of his mold on the roster. Finding truly great shooters can be a difficult task in the league, so Booker gives the Suns that option. Even if he isn’t a significant playmaker right away.

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