NBA Roster Preview – Infographic

The NBA season is finally here and with the release of each opening night roster we decided to break down the depth chart of each team. Similar to what we did with the 30 NHL teams, we compared the league across eight different categories. Some of the highlights include:

Homegrown Players on Roster: One change with the newest CBA has allowed teams to roster up to 15 players at a time and it’s interesting to see how many of those players came up with their current team. The New Orleans Pelicans only have two players that were drafted by the team (Anthony Davis obviously being one of them) while the Bulls have a staggering 11 homegrown players. For this stat we included draft day trades, so guys like Dirk Nowitzki and Kobe Bryant are considered as “homegrown”

Average Draft Position: This stat might be more interesting than it is telling without digging beyond the surface. The four teams with the highest ADP (76ers, Hawks, Spurs, and Lakers) have been on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to recent success. The Spurs have constantly done more with less while the 76ers have consistently rostered late picks and undrafted free agents in an effort to build up a cache of future high picks. Note: if a player went undrafted, we assigned him with the number of the lowest draft pick plus one. In most cases that comes out to 61.

Average age: This one is pretty self explanatory as it is simply the sum of each player on the roster’s career plus/minus. It’s interesting to note that five playoff teams from last season came in under the league average age of 26.92: Celtics, Raptors, Bucks, Rockets, Blazers.

Total Career Playoff Games: Not surprisingly, the Spurs dominate this category, having played in more than double the playoffs games than all but three other teams. Tim Duncan himself has played in a league high 241 playoff games which comes out to nearly three full seasons of postseason basketball (and more than the combined rosters of 12 other current teams). The Jazz come in having only played a combined 21 playoff games, a number they hope to add to as a sleep team to make the postseason.

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