NCAA Football Schedule: Washington State University

In sports as in life, there are winners and losers. It’s a simple truth that not everybody can win. Unfortunately, the men’s football program at Washington State University proves that somebody has to lose. The Cougars have been “coming up short” on the scoreboard for the past four years under Head Coach Mike Leach.

The Cougar's from Washington State University

The Cougar’s from Washington State University

Under his leadership, Washington State has been able to amass just twelve wins while losing twenty-five games. This team has been a perennial bottom-feeder for many years and Coach Leach was hired to “turn the program around.”
It doesn’t happen overnight, of course. It takes patience combined with solid recruiting from in-state and out-of-state high schools and a commitment by all involved to succeed. The coaching staff, beginning with the Head Coach, has begun improving its talent evaluation skills and its recruitment capabilities.
Talent is beginning to show signs of “getting better” at Washington State, but there is still a long way to go. As happened last year, in the 2014 Season, the Cougars have gotten off to an underwhelming start.
This squad, which is a member of the North Division of the PAC-12 Conference, entertained Portland State University in its home opener last Saturday, September 5th and lost by a score of 24-11. Its remaining home games (there are five) include contests against the University of Wyoming on September 19th, Oregon State University on October 17th, the tough Stanford Cardinals on October 31st, Arizona State University on November 7th and the Buffaloes of Colorado on November 21st.
It is a schedule that presents challenges, but also opportunities, for positive results. If the Cougars of Washington State University can perform well in front of their own fans, they can win some games.
The road offers more challenges for the team from the Far West. It will travel across the country this weekend to “lock horns” with Rutgers University. The game will be played this Saturday afternoon, September 12th.
Washington State will also meet up with the University of California on October 3rd, the University of Oregon, ranked 7th nationally, on October 10th, the University of Arizona, ranked 22nd, on October 24th and the 14th ranked UCLA Bruins on November 14th.
It is clearly a “tough road to travel,” but Coach Leach and his players are very likely determined to put forth their very best effort to show they belong on the same gridiron with elite squads from ranked teams.
In truth, there is little doubt that the Cougars will be forced to endure another losing season in 2015. But new players with more talent are on the way. The fans of Washington State University may have lots to cheer about and appreciate as soon as next year.
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