NCAA Mens Final Four and Championship Tickets, What to Expect

Final Four tickets

After a crazy first two rounds of March Madness complete with thrilling upsets and wild finishes, the field for the Sweet 16 is set. Regional games will take place Thursday and Friday night in Chicago, Philadelphia, Anaheim, and Louisville. Ticket prices to all sessions so far have been just about as unpredictable as the outcomes of the games themselves.

Early round tickets can often be found cheap due to long travel distances for a schools fan base, or uneven matchup’s with the potential for a blowout. Last year, the three most expensive first and second round games were played in Omaha, Seattle, and Louisville. It is no coincidence the inflated prices were due to Kansas, Wichita State, Wisconsin, Gonzaga, and Kentucky all playing relatively close to their campuses. Once the doozies are weeded out and the matchup’s become more even, ticket prices increase.

Looking ahead to championship weekend on April 2-4, tickets for both the Final Four and National championship are more expensive than they have been in the last 5 years.  The 2015 Final Four had an average resale ticket price of $895, compared to $1,389 right now. The 2015 National Championship had an average resale ticket price of $545, compared to $561 right now. Final Four tickets are always more expensive than the National Championship because they include admission to both consecutive games.

Once we get through the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 it will be interesting to see how ticket prices for the championship weekend fluctuate. The Final Four will take place on Saturday April 2, and the National Championship on April 4, both at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX. NCAA Mens Final Four tickets and NCAA Championship tickets can be found now on Rukkus with a 100% buyer guarantee!