NFL Game Preview: Washington Redskins vs Chicago Bears

As the 2015-2016 Season enters its final stage (the last four games), teams such as the Washington Redskins and the Chicago Bears are ramping up their on-field performances in an all-out effort to win as many games as possible.

This game can go a long way in determining which of these teams takes a big step closer to the playoffs.

This game can go a long way in determining which of these teams takes a big step closer to the playoffs.

This Sunday’s contest between the Redskins, a squad that is in the East Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) and has a Won-Lost record of 5-7 which has it tied for first place with the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants and the Chicago Bears, a team that has also won just five of twelve games played and is in third place in the NFC’s North Division, is a perfect example.
The contest, scheduled to be played Sunday afternoon in “the Windy City” is critically important to both clubs. The visiting Redskins, as noted earlier, own a share of first place in their division. They have to win Sunday and in the games that follow to have any chance of finishing ahead of their divisional foes and playing in the postseason.
The home team, the Chicago Bears, has little chance of finishing first in the North Division because they are three games behind the Green Bay Packers with just four games remaining to be played. Chicago’s only chance to advance to the playoffs is based entirely on it winning one of two available Wild Cards.
The competition among NFC teams with a chance to win a Wild Card is such that the Bears probably need to win at least three of their final four games to have any possibility to play in January. That means that the game between the Redskins and Bears will very likely be tense, hard-fought and low-scoring.
There may not be too many trips to the end zone because both teams will likely play conservatively in the hopes that penalties and turnovers are limited. However, professional football is a contact sport so that hard hits could lead to fumbles and interceptions. And if that happens, the team that forces the turnovers will have an excellent chance to win the game.
One factor that may influence individual performances on the field could be the weather. Chicago is usually cold in December and windy, as well. There is no question that a strong wind could impact what happens on the gridiron.
Add to all this the fact that Chicago’s “faithful,” their very loyal fans will be doing whatever they can to intimidate the visiting Redskins and there is reason to believe that the home team can emerge victorious on Sunday afternoon.
That said, Washington, an up-and-down squad for most of this season, does have a solid defense and may be able to “turn the tables” on the Bears by forcing turnovers that lead to points and an upset victory.

The Bears and Redskins feature two quarterbacks that have had their good and bad games. Jay Cutler from the Bears will try and get receivers like Alshon Jeffery involved in the offense. Kirk Cousins from the Redskins will look to take advantage of the Bears defense to get the ball to his main target DeSean Jackson.

This game can go a long way in determining which of these teams takes a big step closer to the playoffs.
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