NFL Top Defenses: New York Jets

Fans of the New York Jets know that the team has been defensively strong – and offensively indifferent – for the better part of the last decade. Prior to this season, in fact, when Rex Ryan was Head Coach, the squad from the Meadowlands was always defensively dominant, actually fielding the “top defense” in the National Football League (NFL) a few years ago.

 “Gang Green” is once again defensively strong.

“Gang Green” is once again defensively strong.

But four straight losing campaigns resulted in the termination of Ryan’s contract at the completion of the 2014-2015 Season. The Jets replaced him with a first-time Head Coach, Todd Bowles, a man who had completed a very successful season as Defensive Coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals.
Given his background, it has come as no surprise that In truth, the Jets are rated number one in the National Football League (NFL) for rushing yards allowed per game.

The Jets secondary also got a big boost when they acquired two former Jet players, Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie. These two elite corner backs add a shutdown factor to the defense against opposing offenses that only adds to the dominant defensive line New York has. Some of the Jets defensive linemen are Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, and rookie first round pick Leonard Williams.

New York is currently giving up just 80.62 yards every four quarters. It is common knowledge in professional football that if a team cannot “rush the ball” effectively, it is likely to lose more often than it wins. Conversely, when a team ‘stops the run,” it can expect to win the majority of the games it plays.
So it is not at all surprising that after eight games played this season, New York and its dominant defense has compiled a Won-Loss record of 5-3, good for second place in the tough East Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) .
In truth, the Jets are probably too far behind the undefeated New England Patriots to win their division, but New York is “sitting pretty” when it comes to earning a “Wild Card” and an invitation to play in the postseason.
That said, the team that actually calls New Jersey home will have to continue relying on its defense to win games. And when one considers just how good New York plays when the other team has the football, it will shock nobody if “the green and white” is still playing in January.
In addition to its ability to “stop the run” better than any other team, New York is ranked in the “Top Ten” in points allowed per game. It gives up just 20.25 or, put another way, fewer than three touchdowns every four quarters.
Gang Green is also ranked second in the NFL in forced turnovers. The Jets create a whopping 2.38 turnovers every game. That is, of course, an important statistic because when the other team doesn’t have the ball, it can’t score.
Add to all of the above the fact that New York’s AFC representative allows under two hundred fifty passing yards per game and just 5.13 yards per play (numbers that place it above almost all other teams) and it is easy to understand why the New York Jets have an excellent chance to “make the playoffs.”
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