NHL Stadium Review: Bridgestone Arena

Nashville, where country music thrives, is also home to an ice hockey team called the Nashville Predators. This solid team plays its home games at Bridgestone Arena. The building gets its name from the Bridgestone Tire Company, the organization that owns the naming rights.

Bridgestone Arena

Nashville is home to country music and the Bridgestone Arena is the center of everything musical that takes place here.

The Nashville Predators, a very good squad, generally play before capacity crowds in this modern and comfortable building. A full house for this team means that 12,113 people will be on the edge of their seats cheering loudly for the home team.
Of course, this arena which opened its gates for the first time in 1996 has had other names grace its outer wall. In 1996, it was called, simply, Nashville Arena. That name remained constant up to 1999 and again in 2007 through 2010.
In 1999, the building became known as the Gaylord Entertainment Center. That lasted until 2007. Since 2010, however, Nashville’s go-to sports and entertainment destination has been known by its current name, Bridgestone Arena.
While the hockey team has a loyal and large fan base, other sports draw well in this building, too. A basketball team, professional or college, can play before a capacity crowd of nineteen thousand three hundred ninety-five fans.
But it is concerts that tend to draw the most interest outside of sports. Nashville is home to country music and the Bridgestone Arena is the center of everything musical that takes place here. Consider the following.
The Grammy Nominations Concert occurred in this building in 2012. A packed arena watched the proceedings. The Country Music Awards (CMA) Show also took place in 2012, an obvious good year for musical entertainment in Nashville or, more specifically, in the Bridgestone Arena.
Van Halen starred in his “A Different Kind of Truth” Tour, also in 2012. And Shania Twain delighted a huge audience in July, 2015 when she performed at Bridgestone Arena in her “Rock This Country Forever” Tour.
The Bridgestone Arena, which cost 144 million dollars to build has also hosted high school hockey and the WWE. The wrestling company has held many, many events in Bridgestone Arena for the simple reason that its shows are immensely popular with local fans.
In a city that has only one professional sports team and a deep and enduring appreciation of country music, it seems clear that Bridgestone Arena will enjoy many more packed houses in 2015 and for a long time after that.
The people of Nashville like hockey and love country music. Bridgestone Arena provides it, lots of it. It is, by every standard, a perfect union.
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