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The Oakland Raiders schedule begins with three straight games against AFC North opponents. They face two potential playoff teams right off the bat with Cincinnati and Baltimore coming to town. Oakland is a young team that will continue to grow with second year quarterback Derrick Carr. Carr is still developing and will most likely progress as the season goes on. Therefore, the first two weeks will be a challenge for Oakland. The following two weeks are not as bad as they face Cleveland and then the Chicago Bears. The Bears defense was horrendous last year and Oakland should be able to find success in week four. Latavius Murray, brother of Demarco, come on for Oakland late in the season last year and should be able to have a big day on the ground against Chicago. His production throughout the season will help alleviate pressure from Derrick Carr. Weeks five and six on the Oakland Raiders schedule are very challenging with games against division rivals Denver and San Diego. The Raiders defense was awful against Denver last season, giving up over 40 points in both contests. Peyton Manning picked them apart and they will have to vastly improve in order to compete with Denver. The Raiders also lost both games to San Diego last year but they were much more competitive against them.


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Oakland will have a chance to pick up a few wins during the middle of the season when they face Minnesota and Tennessee, but those are really the only winnable games without great improvement. The way the Oakland Raiders schedule sets up down the stretch is brutal. Their last five games are all challenging and it will hard to pick up a few late wins. Oakland is really building for the future and are not expected to compete for a playoff spot this year. The way their schedule sets up, they could be right around the 3 win total from last season. The last five opponents on the Raiders schedule are Kansas City, Denver, Green Bay, San Diego, and Kansas City for a second time. Their offense will need be clicking on cylinders by the end of the season. These games will be a great test of just how far the team has improved over the course of the season. Most likely all of these teams will be fighting for playoff spots at this point and will give Oakland their best shot. Quarterback play will be at a premium and Derrick Carr will need to grow up fast to find any success. The Raiders defense is poor so their best chance to win games will be putting up points in a hurry. For a team that struggles to win games, the Oakland Raiders pulled the short straw when it comes to their 2015 schedule.
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