Offseason Review: Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks made the playoffs last season, but did not fare well as they were ousted in 5 games by the Houston Rockets. The moves that they made during last season to improve their playoff chances did not turn out well. The Rajon Rondo trade was a complete failure for them as he clashed with Coach Rick Carlisle. Entering the offseason, the Mavericks were in need of serious scoring help for Dirk Nowitzki and they also needed to round out their bench, which had been depleted in their trade with Boston for Rajon Rondo.

What They Did:

The Mavericks picked 23rd in the draft and drafted Justin Anderson, a shooting guard from Virginia. Anderson is a big time athlete, but does not have any major strengths that will make him a superstar in the NBA. He will provide Dallas will a solid bench player who fits in well with their up-tempo offence and can provide solid scoring off the bench.

What They Did Not Do:

The Mavericks made every effort to land Clippers’ center DeAndre Jordan. They wined and dined him, promising him a max contract and offering him a chance to become the face of a franchise. To all appearances, it was working. Jordan committed to the Mavericks via a verbal agreement and all that they needed to do was wait the week before the NBA’s moratorium on official signings lifted. However, that week proved fatal to the Mavericks as the Clippers convinced Jordan to back out of his deal with Dallas and returned to LA.

The Mavericks also failed to retain star point guard Rajon Rondo as he left and signed with the Sacramento Kings. While Rondo clashed with Rick Carlisle and did not fit in his offensive system, star point guards of his caliber do not come along every day. By letting him go, they let a bona fide star who could have helped them immensely this coming season.

The Mavericks also allowed star shooting guard Monta Ellis to leave. For several years, Ellis had provided the scoring punch that the Mavericks needed beside Dirk Nowitzki. Without him, the Mavericks have gaping holes to fill in terms of offensive production.

What to Expect Next Year:

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The Mavericks will start next season with only one genuine scoring threat, Dirk Nowitzki (power forward). In the ultra-competitive Western conference, this will not help them to compete for a playoff. They lost most of their key bench players in the Rondo trade and Monta Ellis’s departure leaves gaping holes in the lineup. Therefore, it is extremely likely that Dallas fails to reach the playoffs next year.


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