Offseason review: Denver Broncos

 Could 2015 be the year?

The Denver Broncos may have the perfect combination to make it to the Super Bowl in 2015. Many leaders are returning from last season and they have made some key coaching changes.

The Broncos are members of the AFC West Division. The team had a 12-4 regular season record and they ended their season with a disappointing loss in the playoffs to the Colts. Hopefully this year things will be different. There have been some big changes in the coaching staff that will bring some changes that will possibly put them in line for a playoff run.

New coaches
Denver Broncos hired Gary Kubiak as head coach for 2015.  Coach Kubiak was the offensive coordinator for the Ravens in 2014.  He was actually the reserve quarterback for John Elway. Hopefully, he will be able to develop a great working relationship with Manning. Another key coaching change is in the defensive coordinator. Wade Phillips has returned to coach the same position he held 25 years ago. Now he is back with plenty of coaching experience under his belt. He has several possible pro bowl players returning. The defense will definitely be a strong point for the Broncos this season if the players can remain in good health.

Key Rookies

Rookie Shane Ray is going to be a key player on the defensive side of the ball. Hopefully he can overcome a lingering toe injury and develop into the player needed to impact the defense. Another important rookie is on the offensive side of the ball. Ty Sambrailo will have to mature quickly and come up huge for the Broncos at left tackle. He will get plenty of playing time since the starting LT tore his ACL during the early organized team activities. Everyone has high hopes for Ty to step into the role and protect Peyton Manning against some of the best defensive players in football.

Aging quarterback

Peyton Manning will be entering his 18th season as quarterback this year. The 39 year old will have to answer many questions swirling around Denver as to whether his age is going to be a factor this season. Manning will need to prove to himself and the rest of Denver that he can lead this team. He can begin answering everyone’s questions at the first pre-season game against the Seattle Seahawks.

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Pre-season tests

August 14th, the Broncos will open the pre-season at Seattle. Manning will be showing everyone that he is ready to lead this team towards a Super Bowl championship. Hopefully the rookies and returning players can work out the cobwebs as they continue the 2015 pre-season campaign with their second game at the Texans. All of Denver will be able to see their own team play at home on August 29th when they host the San Francisco 49er’s. By then, with any luck, many of the questions will be answered about the age of Peyton Manning and the impact the key rookies will have on the success of the team. Peyton Manning’s opportunities are dwindling to take the Broncos to the Super Bowl.  With the combination of returning starters in leading positions, new coaching and some key rookies, maybe this is the year for the Denver Broncos.


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