Offseason Review: Detroit Pistons

Last season was a struggle for Detroit. They started the season with a decent team and they were expected to make the playoffs. However, various factors led to their 12th place finish in the Eastern conference. Coming into the offseason, they need to re-sign Greg Monroe (power forward) and add some players who could provide them with better offense.

What They Did:

The Pistons drafted Stanley Johnson, a small forward from Arizona. Johnson is a tremendous athlete who can play excellent defense and slash to the basket on the offense. However, he does not have a solid jump shot so he will be limited until he improves that part of his game. He should be able to provide the Pistons with a decent outside threat to compliment Andre Drummond (center) and Reggie Jackson (point guard).

The team also focused heavily on role players. They have brought in Steve Blake (point guard), Jodie Meeks (shooting guard), and Danny Granger (small forward). These players should provide them solid play at times, but they each have questions marks hanging over them regarding consistency.

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What They Did Not Do:

Detroit failed to resign their star big man, Greg Monroe. Monroe carried their team for most of last year, putting up a sizable portion of their offense each game and leading their defense. However, he decided to leave for Milwaukee. The Pistons will sorely miss the offense that he provided them as well as the veteran leadership that he displayed every game.

The Pistons also failed to attract a star. They missed out on the mid-tier stars such as Paul Gasol and Marc Gasol. These stars would have not made them a championship contender but they would have at least enabled them to make the playoffs.

What to Expect Next Year:

Undoubtedly, Detroit is in worse shape than it was last year. The loss of Greg Monroe will hurt them deeply and the lack of a consistent offensive weapon will make it relatively easy for teams to beat the Pistons this year. Nevertheless, they do have some solid talent that has the potential to exceed expectations. Reasonable expectations would project Detroit to miss the playoffs again and finish in the bottom of the conference.

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